The manufacturing of the sliding-door wardrobes is our speciality!

All sliding-door wardrobes are 20% off. Due to the new machines and the aluminium profiles by Aristo ( the sliding-door wardrobes have become even more accessible.

Exclusive custom-designed sliding-door wardrobes

mirror sliding-door wardrobes mirror angular sliding-door wardrobes

Do you want to buy a sliding-door wardrobe? Do you like mirror sliding-door wardrobes? Do you want from your sliding-door wardrobe something peculiar? Haven't you found similar proposals in other furniture stores? You have come to the right place. We will help you to achieve this. Exclusive sliding-door wardrobes are the common work of the customer and our designers. Insertions of leather, batik, bamboo or fancy plastic, interesting textures of wood, authoring stained glass - all this is all real. The manufacturing of exclusive and high quality wardrobes for the most demanding clients. Custom manufacturing in Moscow, from the best producer of exclusive wardrobes into the most luxurious interiors of the capital. Making an order in the furniture studio "CHISTY LIST" you always get a wardrobe made of the best quality materials which make our furniture please you by its beauty and reliability for a long time.

the catalogue of exclusive sliding-door wardrobes

Built-in sliding-door wardrobes

custom-designed built-in sliding-door wardrobes

Built-in sliding-door wardrobes organically fit into the interior space. They will save you square meters. You can save money by using the walls of the room as the rear wall of the cupboard. Here you can find individual custom-designed wardrobe projects at the best price.

the catalogue of built-in sliding-door wardrobes

Free-standing sliding-door wardrobes

custom-designed sliding-door wardrobes

It happens so that a sliding-door wardrobe has to be moved or the design concept of your room does not accept large or massive elements. In this case we recommend a detached closet. They have finished and self-contained appearance. Here you can find prices for the sliding-door wardrobes of this style.

the catalogue of free-standing sliding-door wardrobes

Angular sliding-door wardrobes

custom-designed angular sliding-door wardrobes

Angular wardrobes are the most spacious! They can ergonomically accommodate clothes, an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner and other kind of house ware. At times we all wonder how it can accommodate everything. If you have a large room and a lot of clothes, order an angular sliding-door wardrobe.

the catalogue of angular sliding-door wardrobes

Sliding-door wardrobes with beds

the manufacturing of custom-designed sliding-door wardrobes

Do you want your bed to take little space and to get out of the field of view in the daytime? A sliding-door wardrobe with a folding (winding) bed will be an ideal solution for you. During the day it is a sliding-door wardrobe, and during the evening it is a big and comfortable bed. We have allocated a separate workshop for the production of such wardrobes. There is dedicated a separate site for the design of folding beds. However you can also order a wardrobe with bed here.

the catalogue of wardrobe-beds


cabinet furniture

The company Chisty List produces not only sliding-door wardrobes but also other cabinet furniture according to the individual projects. You can order hallway furniture, a desk, bedside tables, shelves, original built-in furniture and many others. In the furniture catalogue of this section you can find photos of hallway cabinets, desks, wardrobes, book shelves and other photos of the interior projects.

the catalogue of the cabinet furniture

Doors for the sliding-door wardrobes

custom-designed doors for the sliding-door wardrobes

Sliding-door wardrobes for bedrooms, entrance halls, children's rooms and dressing rooms - all become more beautiful with the right choice of the sliding doors. The production of custom-designed wardrobes implies the choice of the individual facade picture. The manufacturing of doors and wardrobes in general takes place when using German aluminium profile RaumPlus.

the catalogue of doors

Sliding-door wardrobes for children’s rooms

custom-designed sliding-door wardrobes for children’s rooms

If you want to order furniture for the children's room, you must take into account all peculiarities of the interior, as the children's furniture should be bright, beautiful and functional, thus it will please the child and you. You can order a sliding-door wardrobe in our salons in Moscow or by phoning us. The price of sliding-door wardrobes for the children's room will please you.

the catalogue of sliding-door wardrobes for children’s rooms

Sliding-door wardrobes for hallways

custom-designed sliding-door wardrobes for hallways

The hall is a special space in the house that requires special furniture as well. That is why we pay special attention to the hallway sliding-door wardrobes. The hallway sliding-door wardrobe must be comfortable and spacious. The hall dimensions of each apartment are different this is why there are diverse options of wardrobes which you can see in our catalogue.

the catalogue of sliding-door wardrobes for hallways

Give way to your fantasy

Did you decided to buy a unique sliding-door wardrobe? You can order a sliding-door wardrobe which is no more in furniture studio Chisty List. It will differ from the standard sliding-door wardrobes not just with its unique design but also with the better quality. Due to the modern equipment in our production you can realize any your idea and order a wardrobe that will be ideal for you. Which do you prefer: built-in angular sliding-door wardrobes or mirrored sliding-door wardrobes? You can order cabinet furniture of any kind. There is a choice of facades with unusual trim: insertions of leather, batik, rattan, bamboo or exclusive stained glass.

Which sliding-door wardrobe is better?

Is it important for you that the sliding-door wardrobe was not only spacious but also original? Do you want beauty and quality which will serve you more than one year when choosing furniture? Only of such high quality custom-designed sliding-door wardrobes the furniture studio "Chisty List" offers you. You can buy a sliding-door wardrobe that will perfectly fit into with the design of your premises in our furniture salon.

The main types of the custom-designed sliding-door wardrobes that we offer are:

  • mirror
  • angular
  • built-in
  • sliding-door wardrobes for children’s room
  • for hallways
  • exclusive custom-designed sliding-door wardrobes

In addition to the sliding-door wardrobes you can also order the wardrobes, bedside tables, shelves, desks and other separate parts of the cabinet furniture.

The manufacturing of the sliding-door wardrobes in Moscow

The furniture studio "Chisty List" has its own furniture manufacturing factory in Volodarsky village, Moscow region, that is why the prices of our products will please you. We can manufacture custom-designed sliding-door wardrobes cheaply or elaborate luxury furniture without extra charges and costs for transportation. Sliding-door wardrobes are offered by many firms in Moscow, it is not a problem to finding them in a store. The problem is of another kind - to buy a sliding-door wardrobe and not to be disappointed in it a week later. Therefore before ordering a sliding-door wardrobe, you will necessarily be consulted by our specialists who will help you place it so that it will fit harmoniously into your interior, will decide the materials and accessories for it and will explain you the conditions of the order in detail. We manufacture sliding-door wardrobes using only the best quality accessories which are more expensive but which will guarantee the long service life. If you need a durable sliding-door wardrobe, you can stop searching and order it from us. Our company is engaged in manufacturing of wardrobes for more than 10 years and offers custom-designed sliding-door wardrobes made of the best materials.

Where can you buy a sliding-door wardrobe by furniture studio “Chisty List”?

You may encounter our products in the best furniture shopping centres in Moscow. Our offices are in SM "Mybyeli Rossyo", SM "Family Room", SM "Novye Chyeryomushki", SM "Interior Plaza Belaya Dacha", SM "Cattoire" or you can order a wardrobe on our site, by phone or by mail - we will manufacture for you the sliding-door wardrobes for the hallway, bedroom or living room, we will produce a built-in an angular built-in sliding-door wardrobe for a child's room or bedroom. It only remains for you to make an order in our company calling +7 (495) 972 36 54.

The price of the sliding-door wardrobe.

The price of the sliding-door wardrobes of our production is flexible. In depending with your wants and needs you can order an inexpensive sliding-door wardrobe or you can get an exclusive sliding-door wardrobe. It all depends on the choice of material, accessories and filling as well as on the size. Built-in sliding-door wardrobes are cheaper. The more doors and the richer content, the higher the price of the sliding-door wardrobe is. You can also buy a sliding-door wardrobe on credit.

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