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Custom-designed sliding-door wardrobes

To get more information before ordering a sliding-door wardrobe, to specify the price of the alleged wardrobe and the possibility of delivery to your region, can call us or contact our consultants via icq 603472162 or 614891867 (from 10:30 to 20:00).

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In additional information about ordering a sliding-door wardrobe, for a more precise answer about the price of the sliding-door wardrobe you may specify the following information:

  • The dimensions of a wardrobe (height, width, depth);
  • The type and the number of doors (hinged or sliding-door wardrobe);
  • The materials used in the facade of doors (mirror, CPD, glass);
  • The colour of the used material;
  • Internal content and the number of sections in the wardrobe (drawers, hangers, lights);


If you have not decided on these parameters, all this can be discussed with our designers. The visit of our specialist and his services when ordering a wardrobe-bed are gratis. Call and order right now, the terms of the sliding-door wardrobe manufacturing are from two weeks.

Sliding-door wardrobe on loan

wardrobe on loanIf you want to make your apartment more comfortable and of a better appearance, to make it comfortable and to add functionality to your furniture – then the custom-designed cabinet furniture from the studio «Chisty List» is what you need. However the purchase of beautiful qualitative furniture maybe a test for your budget. Therefore we, in the partnership with «Russian Standard Bank» and «Home Credit Bank», suggest you to buy a wardrobe with sliding doors on credit. Instead of saving money on purchase you can get your wardrobe today and pay in several equal parts later!

Stages of buying on credit

  • You order a cabinet furniture from us by signing the contract.
  • We contact the bank and within 20 minutes we receive permission on the possibility of crediting.
  • You choose the term of the loan and the amount of the monthly payment.
  • You pay the initial fee and get the order.
  • You pay off the loan provided by the bank by monthly payments in accordance with the schedule of payments and the credit agreement.

If you are interested in «SLIDING-DOOR WARDROBE ON CREDIT» service you can find more details on the official websites of the Home Credit Bank and Russian Standard Bank.

Furniture on credit from the Chisty List company

furniture on creditWith the help of the modern production facilities we can manufacture furniture for all tastes for any interior and with any functionality that is we can implement almost any of your fantasies (here you can see how the dreams of our other clients were embodied). However sometimes qualitative and beautiful cabinet furniture does not meet the family budget, therefore for this does not become an obstacle to the realization of your dream, we offer you sliding-door wardrobes on credit.

Offering you to purchase sliding-door wardrobes on credit we blur the financial barriers. Now you together with our designers when elaboratingthe project of the wardrobe, of the hall furniture set or of the bedroom you may not worry about the amount of money you possess now because you do not have to pay the entire sum of the order at once. The chosen sliding-doorwardrobe can be paid in installments, taking advantage of the «Furniture on credit service».

The opportunity to buy a custom-designed sliding-door wardrobe on credit is provided by the furniture studio Chisty List in partnership with LLC "Home Credit and Finance Bank" and "Russian Standard Corporation". Buying sliding-door wardrobes, wardrobes, hall furniture sets and other cabinet furniture on credit, it will be delivered and installed after you make the advance payment for the furniture. To take advantage of buying on credit is possible when the total value of the order is from 10 to 300 thousand rubles, i.e. practically in any order. Please specify the lending terms from banks-partners when purchasing a sliding-door wardrobe on credit. Any citizen of the Russian Federation aged 20 years having permanent place of work and residence can buy a sliding-door wardrobe on credit.

If you want to buy a sliding-door wardrobe on credit but you did not sort all the nuances out, our seller-consultants explain each item to you in our stores in Moscow or by phone 8 (495) 972 36 54. At your request we can complete the formalities of the loan on-site, this would require only your passport. You will get the repayment schedule along with the agreement there as well.

You can buy a sliding-door wardrobe on credit in any of Chisty List furniture salons. You can learn about the interest rates of partner-banks calling 8 (495) 785-82-22 ООО "Home Credit and Finance Bank" (homecredit.ru) and 8 495 748-0-748 «Russian Standard Bank» (rsb.ru).

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