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Operating rules and care of the sliding-door wardrobe

Cabinet furniture must be situated in a dry and well-ventilated place. The temperature can range from +15 to +40 degrees. The proximity to the source of heat and high humidity leads to furniture deformation. Cabinet furniture should be protected from moisture and besides that it should not be exposed under the direct sunlight. It is sensitive to mechanical damage.

Cabinet furniture should not be exposed to the open flame and burning hot objects (for the furniture made of laminated chipboard and veneer sheet it is over +70 degrees and for the furniture with the lacquered surface it is over +45 degrees).

You can move cabinet furniture by lifting it off the floor just after it is fully unloaded. The total load per one shelf is no more than 20 kg and per one drawer is 5 kg. All fastening accessories for the hinged elements are calculated for the standard concrete walls. For the walls the construction of which was carried out using other materials it is required the employment of special fasteners. Alas, they are not included into the delivering set.

The doors of the wardrobes and cupboards are opened to 95°. The doors should be closed in order to avoid distortions.

The stains and dirty spots from the surface of the cabinet furniture should be wiped with a dry flannel rag. If there is a need you can use special substances. Avoid using cleaning products that contain abrasive substances and wax.

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