Materials used for manufacturing of the sliding-door wardrobe


eurolight These are modern lightweight furniture bars with 3-4 mm-thick the outer layer. It is a convenient and practical wood material which is used in manufacturing of a variety of cabinet furniture. When processing the material Eurolight there are used block slats, supporting edges and additives.

LCPD or laminated chipboard

lcpd It is a slab that is produced using the method of hot pressing of coarse wood particles. They are mixed with special bonding components preliminary and namely with formaldehyde. You can see all our furniture made of chipboard in our catalogue. It corresponds to E1 class of emission. It tells about its purity and ecological safety. The wide range of textures and colors is achieved with the lamination of the chipboard.


mdfIt is a fine-dispersed fraction of the wood. It is pressed by using such adhesive materials as paraffin and lignin. Cabinet furniture made of MDF possesses the best characteristics of the natural wood. In addition it is unpretentious in care.

Veneer sheet

veneer sheetThese are thin cuttings of the wood of valuable species of trees. In the majority of cases the veneer sheets are used in coating of the edge of the cupboards, tables and cabinets. As the basis of it there are taken LCPD or MDF. When buying a set of veneer sheet furniture you should keep in mind that due to the natural origins of the material it is almost impossible to achieve consistency in texture and color. That is why certain items of the furniture may have different colour shades.


PVC edgeIt is very durable and thermoplastic material. It is used for processing the surfaces which are regularly subjected to heavy loads. In addition the edges are panelled with polyvinyl-chloride. It is thanks to the high degree of shock resistance this material maintains a neat appearance for a long time.

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