The catalogue of sliding-door wardrobes

Exclusive sliding-door wardrobes

Do you want to design a sliding-door wardrobe by yourself? Do you want it to be unique and original? Do you want from your sliding-door wardrobe something peculiar? Haven't you found similar proposals in other furniture stores? You have come to the right place. We will help you to achieve this. Exclusive sliding-door wardrobes are the common work of the customer and our designers. Insertions of leather, batik, bamboo or fancy plastic, interesting textures of wood, authoring stained glass - all this is all real.

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Built-in sliding-door wardrobes

A built-in sliding-door wardrobe organically fits into the space of your interior. There are no redundant or spare niches and voids. Everything is succinct and stylistically sustained. A built-in sliding-door wardrobe is a real alternative for pantries or dressing rooms. An competently built in sliding-door wardrobe can accommodate almost all household things. This idea caught the people's fancy.

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Free-standing sliding-door wardrobes

It happens so that a sliding-door wardrobe has to be moved or the design concept of your room does not accept large or massive elements. In this case we recommend a detached closet. The name speaks for itself. These wardrobes are not inferior to its built-in brethren and concisely fit into the majority of interiors.

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Angular sliding-door wardrobes

The most spacious sliding-door wardrobe is an angular one. At times we all wonder how it can accommodate everything. Clothes, an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner and other housewares can be hidden in it. If you have a large room and a lot of clothes, order an angular sliding-door wardrobe. We will do our best to design a sliding-door wardrobe that will please the eye at the same time filling wisely the space.

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Sliding-door wardrobes with beds

Do you have a one-room apartment? Do you want your bed to get out of the field of view? There is a special product - a sliding-door wardrobe with a folding (winding) bed. During the day it is a sliding-door wardrobe, and during the evening it is chic bed from fiction film. Look at the pictures of the ready solutions and maybe you will choose such a sliding-door wardrobe.

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Doors for the sliding-door wardrobes

We manufacture the doors for wardrobes wardrobes in aluminium German profile RaumPlus. Aluminium colour gamut: silver, bronze, gold and woody: wenge, oak, beech, pear, walnut and others.

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Furniture for children’s rooms

Furniture for the children's room is the most important one. There must be taken into consideration all interior details. Children's furniture should delight the child by its functionality and texture.

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hallway furniture

Any house begins with the entrance hall. That is why we pay special attention to the hallway sliding-door wardrobes. The hallway sliding-door wardrobe must be comfortable and spacious.

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* Instruction manual for a sliding-door wardrobe.

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