About the company “Chisty List”

Custom-designed furniture во resembles a lot a custom-made suit  which is, as a rule, of ideal «style», that emphasizes the advantages and hides the drawbacks, is ideal in size and the most important, fits the taste of its master. Not  surprisingly that today the desire to « personalize » the living space is peculiar to almost everyone who is in  the process of building his own interior. How to visually enlarge a small area making it  maximally functional at the same time? How to delimit a single space onto the   zones of different purpose? Where to place many necessary things, so they would not «hang» round   but  but would always be at hand? And, in   the end, how to create an interior that would really be comfortable for all the family members  fitting perfectly into the  available space? These general issues require individual responses!

With  the furniture as well as with clothes, the most important thing is to be  mistaken when  choosing the master. « Furniture studio CHISTY LIST» — is an actively developing perspective company that works in the field of production of individual cabinet furniture and sliding-door wardrobes. The designers and  constructors of«CHISTY LIST» develop and create unique interior compositions making comfortable bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, children's rooms taken separately as well as the entire living spaces. Just as good tailors who take into account all the features of the shape and style of the customer, the specialists of «CHISTY LIST»when developing a project take into account the configuration and the volume of space, its functional purpose, the customer's taste preference, and of course, the overall style of the house. The implementation of such projects requires not only reputable professionals, but also  a good production base and advanced technologies. Modern furniture production and a large selection of basic and decorative materials allow the specialists of «CHISTY LIST»to materialize the most unusual fancies about interior. High quality, optimal terms at reasonable prices differentiate the company from  other participants of the metropolitan furniture market


When it comes to a modern house,   the presence  of the sliding-door wardrobe is even not discussable— that goes without saying! It is logical that the production the sliding-door wardrobes in «CHISTY LIST» is a first-priority area. Using mechanisms of a famous German company Raumplus,  considered to be one of the  most reliable in  the world, the company offers its clients different modifications —: traditional and  lite with lower or the upper rail runner — these are, so-called, thresholdless systems which are commonly used  as sliding doors and partitions between rooms


The qualitative sliding system provide the wardrobe a long, reliable and quiet life and the inner filling guarantees —functionality and  comfortable operation. Therefore when selecting fillings for a wardrobe  «CHISTY LIST» company is very scrupulous: only manufacturers with proven reputation get into the list of the company partners. Nets, pull-out mechanisms for drawers, shoe-holders, tie racks, trouser racks — can be exquisite and  expensive by VIBO (Italy) as well as more democratic but not less reliable — by  KESSEBOHMER (Germany).

Due to the wide range of textures and colors of glass, plastic and other decorative materials, a usual thing can be transformed from a purely functional into the main ornamental element of the living space. For example elegant pictures on a glass can add a unique charm to the whole interior. Nowadays when furnishing facades and creating unusual optical effects there is often used fusing — a special technology of colored glass sintering.   «CHISTY LIST» offers to its clients many types of this unusually spectacular novelty. As for the lighting design there are used standard and decorative furniture headlights —as a catchy and  stylish element of the modern house.

The elaboration of the complex interior of furniture design, the manufacturing, delivery and installation of the product — at all stages are carried out by the company's highly qualified experienced professionals. It is they who guarantee that the ordered in «CHISTY LIST» wardrobe, desk or shelves will be the embodiment of individual furniture of a real dream.

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